The RAZR can be yours by maxis package as low as RM999 on their latest 6GB data bundle which costs RM98/month with a 24 months contract.

As usual, the data package can be bundled with postpaid voice plan as low as RM30/month on Maxis Value First. For the least commitment, you can opt for 12 months contract that offers the RAZR at RM1,799 with a 500MB plan. Honestly this 500MB option isn’t really worth it as you could get it outright slightly under RM1900 if you looked hard enough.

Maxis offers RM10/rebate on your data plans during the contract period but there’s a note that it isn’t applicable on the 6GB RM98/month option. As comparison, Celcom offers the RAZR from as low as RM1,308 on 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 250. For more information, check out here.



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