The Samsung Galaxy Note is officially available in Malaysia with both Celcom & DiGi offering contracted plans with subsidised pricing. Some might ask, which plan offers better value?

If you’re looking the bare minimum contract plan of 12 months, both DiGi and Celcom are available with a total of 5 options to choose from. While DiGi appears to be lower in commitment, there’s a big glaring difference when it comes to bundled call and SMS. DiGi Smart Plans are purely for data and if you don’t really make much calls and rely heavily on internet for communication (WhatsApp,Line, Kik), this might be the plan for you. If you do make a lot of voice calls and SMS heavily, Celcom plans are better as an all rounder.

For contracts longer than 12 months, Celcom is the only provider that offers 18 months while DiGi dominates the 24 months tenure.

It is interesting to note that DiGi is offering an extra RM120 rebate if you go on 24 months contract with DG Smart Plan 68. The RM120 rebate will be reflected in the bill over 12 months. For extra savings, you could potentially save more if you opt for auto-billing which DiGi gives an extra RM5/month rebate.



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