The GS II on T-Mobile has gotten some overclock love... 1.8GHz worth, to be exact. The CPU in the T-Mo SGS2 is a little different from the others, incorporating a Hercules processor instead of the standard CPU found in other S II's, which brought a long with it a feeling the developers might not find a lot of hacking and modding of the device to be worth their time, but that seems (so far) to not be the case.

The kernel, dubbed "Jugs" and created by recognized XDA developer Romanbb, gives users the option to not only overclock up to 1.8GHz, but also handle voltage control. The other good news: the kernel seems to work with most ROMs available for the device thus far -even though that hasn't been 100% tested.

So, if you're wanting to clock your SGS2 into the stratosphere, be sure to hit up the original XDA thread here


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