Sony Ericsson today has announced 2 new feature phones to hit the Malaysian market, the Sony Ericsson txt and the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman. The Sony Ericsson txt, a QWERTY Candybar feature phone is priced at RM369 while the music oriented Mix Walkman at RM439.

Sony Ericsson txt do features a scratch-resistant 2.6″ TFT screen with 240×320 resolution.

Where else the mix Walkman is an entry level music oriented device and comes with features such as Zappin which lets you preview the chorus of the next track. There’s even a Karaoke mode which lowers the vocals of a song for you to sing along. Over at the front, it has a 3″ single touch capacitive screen with 400×240 resolution.

Both devices comes with 3.2MP camera, micro USB slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, 100MB internal storage, expandable microSD slot and a choice of 4 colours. Being a entry level device, both runs on EDGE connectivity without 3G support.


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