While Celcom has commenced its iPhone 4S nationwide booking, it seems that they are actively doing something for their loyal customers.

This is yet to be confirmed but according to dars86, the first 100 to respond to Celcom’s email that was sent out to select recipients will be entitled to a Buy 1 Free 1 iPhone 4S offer. On the device pricing, it is written as RM1,388 for the 16GB model on iPlan 248. This is pretty steep considering it is an expensive plan and it costs RM694 a unit if you divide it by 2. There’s a remark (COBP) on the pricing which is not clear at the moment.

For the free device, they are giving out the 16GB Black colour version regardless of which model you pick as the first choice. The subsequent 800 will be able to get the iPhone 4S from as low as RM268 on 24 months contract of iPlan 248. Details of the offer below:

As pointed out by @synnnx, Celcom is introducing a total of 4 plans this time around with a lower commitment iPlan 68 that goes for RM68/month. As comparison, the Celcom Exec iPlan 98 on the previous iPhone 4 comes with 2GB of data, 100 minutes of calls, 200 SMS and 20 SMS. So expect the iPlan 68 to offer probably half of what iPlan 98 is giving.


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