When it first made an appearance, that glowing Apple logo on the cast aluminium PowerBooks was one seriously cool piece of embellishment ever seen on a computer. A few years on, the PowerBook is no more but that glowing Apple logo lives on in MacBooks. While competitors have attempted in various iterations to emulate that cool white glow, nothing exudes sophistication like that stylised half bitten apple from Cupertino.

For the longest time, iPhone users wanted that cool white glow on the back of their favourite smartphone. Oddly enough Apple has yet to oblige with a very obvious addition to the iPhone. So for these customers there are two options, hope for the feature to be added on to the next iPhone…or…get this convenient mod kit and DIY the glowing logo yourself.

Originating from China – where else – the DIY mod kit replaces your standard iPhone 4S back plate with one that has a glowing Apple logo retrofitted onto it. The kit, only available for iPhone 4 and 4S looks simple enough to do but you need to have the right tools (because doesn’t come with any tools) and gather enough geek-courage to take apart the iPhone yourself.

If you want one, the kit costs 270 Yuan which is about RM136 at today’s exchange rate, excluding shipping and handling. Of course by modifying your iPhone you can say goodbye to your Apple warranty but on the flip side you get that oh-so-cool glowing logo that you can show off to your friends with. For some, getting a warranty void is a small price to pay in order to achieve that cool status.

Head to this online store to get your very own glowing apple but you got to be quick as it looks like stocks are very limited.

Head over to after the jump for a video that shows how to mod your iPhone to add that glowing logo.


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