Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MoF) has issued a Media Release stating the long-sought-after definition of “Household” as to who will eligible for the one-off RM500 cash assistance.

As announced in Tax Budget 2012 on 7 Oct 2011, one-off cash assistance of RM500 will be given to all households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below in order to ease their increasing cost of living, but the meaning of “household” was not defined during the Budget 2012.

The one-month registration for eligible applicants would begin from 10 December 2011. However, exact deadline for registration is not explained. Assuming starting from 10 Dec 2011, deadline for registration appears to be 9 Jan 2012.

The head of each household must register with the IRB. Free application forms can be obtained from the Federal Development Department and its branch offices, Inland Revenue Board (IRB) service counters and state agencies. Again, this is against with their earlier statement that application can be made via online at IRB website.

Completed forms should be submitted together with a copy of the identity card to the Federal and State Development Department, selected schools and IRB branch offices.

The RM500 cash will be distributed through banks and post offices to the heads of the households starting from mid January 2012.

Definition of a household

Here is the definition of a household given by MoF:

Isi rumah yang layak memohon merujuk kepada seorang lelaki atau wanita yang menjadi ketua kepada ahli yang tinggal serumah atau ketua keluarga. Ini merangkumi individu:

  • Berkahwin termasuk anak yang berkahwin dan tinggal bersama ibu bapa;
  • Ibu atau bapa tunggal yang mempunyai tanggungan;
  • Individu (bujang, duda, ibu tunggal) bujang yang mempunyai tanggungan; dan
  • Warga emas sebatang kara.


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