Don’t worry, the content you’re about to read is safe for work, a flaw Facebook has recently been discovered, giving people access private photos that are not for public view, and what better account to pick on than the founder and CEO of the website, Mark Zuckerberg?

How do you creep up on your friend’s private photos? Visit their profile and click on the “inappropriate profile photos”. Once in, select “nudity or pornography” and voila! you'll be granted the opportunity to help Facebook by selecting additional photos to submit in the report. A collection of photos that are not publically available to you will then be revealed to you.

Now, don’t go visiting Facebook to check out that chick’s profile photo, the Facebook team acknowledged the flaw and gave a pretty quick fix. However, if you’re interested to see Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos, hit the break. Nothing particularly interesting popped up, you just get to see a different side of Zuckerberg and a lot of pictures of his girlfriend and dog.


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