It looks like the Dark Knight - Batman - prefers a Nokia as his smartphone. In conjunction with the upcoming release of Dark Knight Rises, Nokia has come out with a specially themed Windows Phone-powered Lumia 800 that bears a laser-etched Batman logo on its back. In addition to that, there are also a number of tie-in Live Tiles and background images from the movie inside the device.

However, don’t rush to your nearest Nokia stores just yet to get it because Lumia 800 is not yet officially available here in Malaysia and not to forget, the Dark Knight Rises-themed device is limited to only 40 units worldwide. If you really want to get one, it is best to head on straight to eBay.

Meanwhile, we wonder if Lumia 800 actually appeared in the movie or else, why would Nokia bother to come out with this special release? Sure, they could just come out with Batman-themed packaging and stamp the Dark Knight’s logo on the device out of nowhere but we don’t see any appeal if Batman or any characters are not using it in the movie.


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