Panasonic has announced that it’s looking to introduce a 4.3 inch OLED smartphone for Europe. It’ll apparently be ultra-slim d-shaped and resistant to water and dust.With no other details beyond that and a look of the device in the photo you see above, it’s hard to get excited about a device that we know so little about.

Panasonic says they have high goals and ambitions, though, and want to get this thing out worldwide and ship 5 million units. While they’re highly regarded as a worldwide brand in general consumer electronics, that won’t guarantee support from the smartphone-buying sector of consumers.
LG is just one example of a firm who makes a lot of great consumer electronics and is a popular brand but can’t quite break into smartphones like they’d hoped. We hope they come with something truly captivating, otherwise it might turn out to be little more than a flash in the pan. For now, we’ll just wait to pass judgment.


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