The Samsung Galaxy S series devices were generally a phenomenal success throughout the world and can be considered as one of the success stories for the Korean electronics giant. With such level of success, there is an obvious need to keep the ball rolling. Hence, we are not surprised that Samsung is rumored to be working on Galaxy S III.

The third generation device from Galaxy S series is said to come with a quad-core processor, 720p HD Super AMOLED Plus display and of course, Android 4.0 operating system a.k.a the Ice Cream Sandwich. The device is expected to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February 2012 and will be available for consumers sometime in the second quarter of the year.

As the same time, Samsung is said to be working on 3D technology for its smartphones. However, it is not known for now whether the 3D functionality - which covers not only playback but also photo and video recording – will be fitted into Galaxy S III or otherwise. Nevertheless, a brand new 3D-capable device called Galaxy S 3D might be hitting the market around the same time as Galaxy S III.

This is not the first Samsung 3D phone as they have released 3D-capable phone called W960 last year in Korea. Of course, being a Galaxy-class device, we expect that the new rumored Galaxy S 3D will be as good as its other siblings in the series. Well, we shall find out how true this rumor is in two months’ time. Till then, fathom this news with a grain of salt.



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