Whenever a phone comes out, there are consumers that asked if it comes with white. These days, white is the new trend and often phone manufacturers release a white version later to give that exclusive/limited bragging rights for those that have waited.

Now in the US, Verizon has announced the white colour Motorola Droid RAZR which is perfect for the Christmas season. Looking at the pic, it isn’t a fully “white” model as one would expect. The only thing that’s white is the bezel and the frame that covers the back. The rest looks pretty much the same as the black version including that sexy black kevlar. Personally we rather go black for the RAZR.

As some of you know Verizon today announced the 1 year anniversary of their LTE network and unveiled the next iteration Android tablets. Due later this month, the 8.2-inch and 10.1-inch DROID XYBOARD tablets hope to fare better than the XOOM of 2011. Also tucked away inside the press release was a mention of a white version of the Motorola Droid RAZR. It too will be offered in December however a specific launch date has yet to be determined. Pricing will remain the same at $299.99 with two year service agreement and the hardware internals will also stay untouched.

For us folks in Malaysia, no idea if Motorola is going to do the same for the GSM version Motorola RAZR.


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