Sony announced on Monday two new camera technologies that they will be embedding into their devices, most notably their smartphones. The first uses "RGBW" coding to make low light pictures as colorful and grain-free as possible, a difference that you can definitely see in a comparison between the two pictures below. There's definitely more detail and much better coloring in the RGBW-infused picture.

The second technology, "HDR Movie," relates to taking video, as the name implies. Traditionally, one exposure is used when taking video, which leads to either overly dark or bright areas when shooting in inconsistent lighting. With Sony's new technology, two exposures are used instead of one, which offers the video the opportunity to properly process both light and shadow properly. In the video below, there's a notable difference in the detail of the fizzy champagne and the sky in the background.

All in all, both of these seem like a very impressive example of evolution to current camera technologies. While proprietary I'm sure, we should be able to look forward to some huge leaps in camera tech going forward.


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