The RM2,199 pricing is likely to be the WiFi version.

ASUS Malaysia has mentioned that the Transformer Prime will launch in Malaysia before Chinese New Year (January 23) but they didn’t say how much it’s going to cost. If a price list from an IT reseller is anything to go by, ASUS might not have to say anything at all.

Commenter CWK alerted us on this price list available here (under the “laptop” section) and it appears that the Transformer Prime is going to sell for RM2,199 for the 32GB 3G WiFi version — the same price as the iPad 2 32GB 3G. As reference, the original Transformer has a RRP of RM1,799 for the 16GB WiFi-only version including the keyboard dock.

The list didn’t specifically indicate if the price includes the keyboard dock but it’s pretty much safe to assume that RM2,199 will get you the keyboard peripheral as well. Aside from that, we still don’t know if Malaysia will be getting the earlier TF201 or the recently announced TF700T. Realistically however, it’s an almost forgone conclusion that we will get the TF201


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