BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011, one of the major highlights of the event was BlackBerry 10 – the next generation operating system for future BlackBerry devices. Soon, the operating system might appear on devices from other manufacturers too as analyst believe that Research In Motion (RIM) will eventually license BlackBerry 10 to other smartphone manufacturers.

Truth to be told, the company is currently in a very challenging period. With BlackBerry’s market shares doesn’t show any sign of improvement together with rumor of leadership shakeups, the move is seen as a plausible solution to keep RIM above the water even though that it will obviously have a huge impact on RIM’s hardware business.

That being said, it is hard to tell whether such move will actually take place or not since majority of smartphone manufacturers out there already have a good working relationship with their current choice of operating system such as Android and Windows Phone. To us, there is a possiblity that other smartphone manufacturers out there are able to license part of the operating system such as BlackBerry Messenger but of course, only RIM is able to tell us that.


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