If you've got an iOS device and are halfway proficient in all things tech, chances are you've either jailbroken your device or have stumbled across it somewhere or another. In the early days, Jailbreaking was considered a terrible act, second only to kitten punching and unicorn farming,but in July 2010, the US government deemed jail breaking and unlocking as legal as long as they are not violating copyright law. While it was never technically Illegal, Apple had some strict policies that prevented third party apps from being installed on their devices.

It turns out, the exemption that Jailbreaking and Rooting of phones has enjoyed from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is coming up for a review and if it does run out, it means that jail breaking your iOS device or rooting your Android phone will once again be Illegal. Currently the exemption doesn't cover tablets, so technically jail breaking the iPad is a big nono.

What can you do to have your voice heard, and pitchforks felt? Head over to the EFF page to show your support on the petition and to learn more about the situation.


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