Lenovo IdeaPad S2 Hands-on review

Our buddies from Lenovo were on hand at CES to show off their newest Android tablet and boy is it a doozy. It’s the 10.1 inch IdeaPad S2, an Android tablet that aims to take on the almighty ASUS Transformer series. The device houses a dual-core processor and can last you up to 10 hours of talk time – make that 20 hours when you hook it up to its laptop dock attachment. The device had front and rear cameras and we were somewhat surprised to see it running Android 4.0. It wasn’t quite as zippy as the Transformer Prime and that’s, of course, due to the fact that it doesn’t have a quad-core processor. It’s right in line with the original Transformer, though, and it really isn’t a bad experience to stomach at all. Be sure to check it out in the video above.


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