Want to have a waterproof iPhone or a waterproof ANY phone? No worries, thanks to Liquipel who demoed its product in CES, your phones can be drenched in water and they’ll still be functional and no, Liquipel is not a big bulky case that seals your phone inside so you can’t use it properly, it’s an invisible coating, how cool is that?

For USD$60, Liquipel will coat your phone with their special magical substance – it won’t change the look and feel of your phone at all and you only need to apply it once – and your phone will magically become waterproof! It’s not just text, there’s even a demo booth in CES showing how an iPhone is taking a shower and still working. Check out the video at Gizmodo to see Liquipel coating on a tissue, it’s completely waterproof. Definitely one of the coolest things we’ve read about CES so far.

But with that said, I’m not quite sure how Liquipel would function on a gadget because it may make the gadget waterproof, but will it create a magical invisible shield on the speaker/mic holes, audio port, buttons and such?


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