Thinking of getting an iPhone 4S but your work doesn’t permit anything that take pictures? You might want to check out Singapore as they are offering iPhone 4S with its front and main camera removed.

In Singapore, military staff are prohibited from bringing in any form of camera devices into their bases. Aimed at catering for these folks, telcos in Singapore are offering special iPhone 4S bundles which include “Camera removal service”. On M1, the 32GB version is going as low as $49 on iPhone Max Plans or as high as $649 on their iPhone value plan.

It is interesting to point out that such modifications performed by telcos will automatically void the standard Apple warranties. As a result, the telcos are reported to offer warranty coverage of their own. In Singapore, the iPhone 4S is not the only device with “camera-less” options as we’ve found out that M1 is also offering a similar version for its BlackBerry Bold 9780. This certainly goes to show that the military market is rather substantial for Singapore and this ruling doesn’t necessary have to restrict them to dumb feature phones.


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