As much as I love the potential for wordplay with the Sony ST25i’s Kumquat codename, it’s probably for the better that the handset won’t launch under that banner. However, a newly leaked listing from Indonesia’s Postel (their government body most closely resembling the FCC) may provide us with the street name of the device we first saw in a leaked image last week. All signs point to the new Android smartphone launching as the Sony Xperia U. The name certainly lines up with the recently announced Xperia S, a handset from which the ST25i takes many of its cues. While Xperia U certainly lacks razzle-dazzle (and sounds more like the name of some marketing campaign focused on college students), it definitely lacks the embarrassment factor of the Kumquat moniker.
“Hey dude, is that the new iPhone?”
“No, bro. This is my Xperia Kumquat.”
Yeah, we are liking Xperia U more and more.



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