Sony Xperia S camera quality review

We’re bringing this topic back because we felt there’s something not quite right with the sample shots we took from the Xperia S at the APAC launch in Shanghai earlier this month.

In our previous post we commented:

With the 12MP Exmor R camera, you’d expect the Xperia S to decimate the competition but once again pixel count is by no means a measurement of how good a camera is. Truth be told, we’re kind of disappointed with the picture quality coming from Xperia S, even in conditions where there’s ample light to produce a good shot you can see a large amount of noise and loss of detail.

We’re perplexed. This is not like the Xperias that we know. The arc, arc S and ray all have decent shooters and naturally we’d assume that the Xperia S will continue where the older Xperias left off. Turns out, this is not the case. Having said that, we only had limited time with the Xperia S at the launch, we’ll test the camera again once we get a review unit.

While we await the availability of a retail unit for review, we scoured the web for other sample shots taken using the Xperia S. We found a few both from CES and Shanghai and have compiled a selection here for you to view for yourselves.

We found that there seems to be a telling pattern with the test shots. Pictures taken using Xperia S units at Shanghai seem to display much more noise and detail loss than pictures taken using Xperia S units at CES. The CES units displayed much better picture quality and detail, something more consistent of what we expect from a Sony (Ericsson) device.

Our theory behind this is that there were possibly not enough production Xperia S units available to go around and the best examples where sent to CES while the units that we tested in Shanghai could very likely be pre-production prototypes or perhaps even earlier versions. This explains the major disparity in picture quality between the two samples.

So what conclusion can we draw from this? Judging by the samples taken from the CES units, the 12MP camera on the Xperia S holds promise but we’re not going to conclude anything until we have a final production unit to thoroughly test. What is apparent is that the units we got our hands on are very likely not the final units that will go to store shelves.

Pictures taken using Xperia S at Shanghai

Sample 1

100% Crop

Sample 2

100% Crop

Foe more picture, check out here



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