Verizon was a bit cagey about pricing or a release date for the new member of the RAZR line at CES, but Motorola apparently decided that we’d had enough waiting and slapped a January 26th release date on their Droid RAZR MAXX page.

Interestingly the “Specs” page is the only one that gives the January 26th release date today, the rest all merely indicate that the Droid RAZR MAXX will be “available soon.”

Regardless of which is to be believed it is safe to say that we are weeks and not months from this thing releasing so if you were eyeing the Droid RAZR and value battery life highly then I’d counsel patience. The Droid RAZR MAXX should be slotting into Verizon’s lineup at $299 with the original Droid RAZR dropping to $199.

Just in case you missed the Droid RAZR MAXX amidst the madness of CES it is basically an extended battery version of the Droid RAZR. They stuffed an enormous 3,300 mAh battery into it versus the 1,780 mAh found in the original RAZR. This results in a slightly more standard 8.99mm thickness versus the virtually anemic 7.1mm of the Droid RAZR, but that trade off gets you over 21 hours of talk time, 15 hours of movie watching or 7 hours of web surfing.


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