We all love our Android devices, whether it's a brand new Galaxy Nexus or the outdated Moto Droid we simply LOVE them. Our natural instinct is to protect the things we love, and BodyGuardz knows this. I first came across this Carbon Fiber armor at CTIA 2011 where the display model was a Motorola Xoom.

The Xoom was still a relatively new device at the time and I'd yet to see one personally. My first sight of it being encased in the black carbon fiber pattern was astonishing. The people working the BodyGuardz booth at CTIA were extremely helpful and even offered to print, cut and install these kits for a few of us. At that time, this was an unreleased product so we were stoked. It only took a few minutes for them to install it and I was sold. The protective kit made my 6 month old EVO 4G (at the time) look brand new and super sleek. To this day, my EVO is retired but still sporting the black carbon fiber kit that was installed a year ago.

I'm a sucker for a good carbon fiber print, and these guys nailed it. Recently, i had purchased a Transformer Prime on behalf of a superior at the office. One of the first things I ordered was the BodyGuardz armor kit. I chose the black version and it came in a few days later. It kind of sucked, since I wouldn't get to keep the Prime, but I wanted to show my boss a great experience and the look of the CF design really stood out.

While on the dock, it really stands out from the ordinary tablet. At the same time offers some much needed protection. If you decide to peel it off after a while, there isn't any sticky residue left over.

BodyGuardz also includes one of their ScreenGuardz Screen Protectors in the armor kit. So you spend the $20 on the armor and get a free screen protector too. Most places charge more for just the screen protection..

For more information on pricing and ordering visit the BodyGuardz website http://www.bodyguardz.com/armorinfo.


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