“And the heavens shall tremble”, they said. We think it’s more like our wallets that will actually tremble in fear. Years in the making, Blizzard is currently in the middle of prepping up the release of the much awaited Diablo III which is expected to take place sometime this year. Apparently, the price of the game somehow has been announced in Singapore through a special pre-order promo of Diablo III Standard Edition for SingTel Mobile customers.
According to the program's official website, the game is being offered at RM 214 (SGD 89). That being said, it is unknown whether this is the actual retail price or exclusively for the pre-order program. Nevertheless, we believe the price can be taken as a rough estimation on how much Diablo III going to cost in Malaysia especially if you take into consideration of the StarCraft II's retail price that was listed at RM 248.00 during its Malaysian release in 2010.

While one might take this as an indication that the game will arrive into stores very soon, it is indeed possible but don’t lose your sleep just yet. We’ll keep you updated once we receive any new information about the Diablo III’s imminent release here in Malaysia.


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