Google TV Announcement

Google has posted a rather short and sweet message on Facebook page yesterday, hinting that they would have some big Google TV announcements on Monday. Google’s use of the plural “announcements” suggests Google has a few surprises for us up its sleeves.

While we likely won’t see a major platform refresh, as Google only recently updated the Sony Google TV and Logitech Revue to Android 3.2 Honeycomb, chances are we’ll see Google release some details as to the mysterious Android Hub, Google’s rumored foray into the home entertainment scene. Another possible, but less likely scenario is that we could see Google take the wraps off the Personal Communications Device that passed through the FCC a few days ago.

Regardless of what Google unveils tomorrow, we’re excited to see what comes next out of Google’s TV operation. With Eric Schmidt suggesting that Google TV would proliferate the market by the middle of 2012, they must have something pretty impressive coming out of the TV business line.


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