HTC Second Clue for Upcoming Device

HTC has dropped a second clue for its upcoming device, this time it’s from HTC Malaysia via Facebook. Still, nothing much is being revealed except that now we can probably deduce that the number in the clue signifies a countdown to the launch day happening this Sunday rather than the number of devices that will be launched or the number of processor cores that the device will have.

There’s also the description that says “you’ll hear something authentic”. This pretty much suggests that the new device will also feat Beats technology, hopefully this time around the sound technology is more deeply integrated into the device rather than just a software enhancement that we’re currently seeing in the current crop of HTC Beats phones.

Other than that, there’s really very little else we can see in the clue. Just four more days to Sunday, You guys excited? We’re hoping HTC gets their groove back and start impressing us with great, quality devices at reasonable pricing.


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