If you think that Huawei is just a China phone manufacturer that makes affordable imitation of popular phones, think again. The company was the first non-Nexus phone to provide ICS on its smartphone (albeit unofficial), it showed off the world’s thinnest device in the recent CES measuring at only 6.7mm and in the upcoming Mobile World Congress, it looks like they might have some NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor device to show off.

The company recently posted a series of teasers on its Weibo page giving end users a taste of what the Ascend D1 Q might look like. It’s only a teaser, no further information was released but the “Q” part of its name indicates the quad-core processor. Additionally according to the images, the rear camera could be at least 8MP like the P1 S and since ICS is already on the Ascend P1 S, we’re expecting Huawei to do the same to the D1 Q.


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