BlackBerry 10 operating system might be months away from completion but guess what, some pre-release photos of the OS have made their way online. It is certainly looks very different from what we have seen back in November with the BlackBerry “London” dummy unit but what more important is that it looked fresh – one of the things that Research In Motion (RIM) really needs in order to make sure BlackBerry OS still able to stay competitive against other mobile operating system in the market.
Among new features that are visible from the new leaked images is the existence of widgets on the operating system’s homescreen as well as a new set of tray icon design that features iOS style folders and lively icons. Not enough with that, there is also a universal inbox (which is coming to BlackBerry PlayBook through PlayBook OS 2.0 update very soon) and a brand new caller display screen that includes a video chat options.

Interestingly, quite a few of these leaked images contain existing touch-based BlackBerry devices which made us wonder how the new OS will look like on a full QWERTY-based device. While it is indeed pretty exciting to look at these images, there is always a possibility that things might look totally different when the actual BlackBerry 10 devices hit the market later this year. So, let’s keep calm and wait for the actual end product.


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