Whoa there, another phone leak? It could only be the run-up to Mobile World Congress. This time, it's Samsung that's let slip, and the not-particularly high-end Galaxy Mini 2. Mini in size, minor in specifications, it will purportedly arrive with a 3.3-inch display at 480 x 320 resolution, running Gingerbread on an 800MHz processor. Unfortunately, at that speed, don't expect to get any Adobe Flash action on this presumably entry-level phone. It'll be capable of HSDPA data speeds up to 7.2Mbps; add in a three-megapixel camera, 3GB of built-in storage and it's all starting to sound a bit 2008. GSM Arena's mole pegs it for a February release, so that could mean it sprints out ahead of MWC, but it'll find it hard to avoid the bright lights of Barcelona.


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