LG has announced its new Optimus L Series which will be revealed at MWC 2012. The L-Series is a fresh new lineup of Android smart phones from LG which comprises of 5 aesthetic elements:

  • Modern Square Style for a comfortable grip
  • Floating Mass Technology for a slimmer look
  • Seamless Layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys
  • Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing metallic accents
  • Sensuous Slim Shape that naturally draws one’s attention
Finally LG is taking product designs more seriously as the current crop of models are looking rather bland compared to its rivals. The trio – L3, L5 & L7 comes in different sizes. Just like a certain luxury marque, the bigger number indicates a bigger screen and a higher class.

Starting with the entry level L3, it comes with a 3.2″ display with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Moving up to the mid-level L5, it comes with a 4.0″ display with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The highest end of the range is the L7 with a slightly larger 4.3″ display which also runs the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS as well.

The full specifications isn’t revealed yet as they are keeping the rest of the details for MWC. It is likely that the highest end will be sporting a dual-core processor with a possibility of a HD screen. An interesting point is the “Floating Mass Display” which probably gives a much more realistic display as if it is on printed top of the screen.

With LG launching devices with the latest Android version with a more exciting designs, LG is certainly aiming to be a major player this year. Let’s also not forget that LG is taking on the phone-tablet players with its 5″ Optimus Vu.


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