The LG Optimus X3 is shaping up to be a fine device. Knowing almost everything there could be to know about the device, there are still cloudy areas here and there. One of those areas is the name: we don’t know what this thing will end up being called for store shelves. PocketNow claims to know all that, though.

They’ve heard from a source that LG will market this thing as the T-Mobile G4X in the states and the LG Optimus 4X everywhere else. The number obviously refers to the number of cores that would be inside this beaut – four, to be exact. T-Mobile’s name is due to it being part of the series that started the Android craze here in the United States.
That series is known to have devices with stock Android and very little UI changes so you can expect the US version to follow that same path. This is expected to be shown off at Mobile World Congress and we’re only a few short days away from the event. As always, stick with us as we bring you live coverage of all the goings-on.
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