LG’s distinctive looking Prada 3.0 Android-based smartphone is coming to Malaysia and if things go as planned, you can get one before this month is up.

The style-centric LG Prada 3.0 turned a few heads when it was officially announced late last year thanks to its unique couture-inspired design and a slender 8.5mm profile. We have not seen one in the flesh but the Prada 3.0 has a design that could rival the ultra-thin Motorola RAZR as our pick for one the most beautifully designed smartphones in the market.

In terms of specs the LG Prada 3.0 sits at the tail end of the top-of-the-line Android smartphone category with a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor that’s similar to the Optimus 3D. RAM has been upgraded to 1GB in the Prada 3.0 where the Optimus 3D only had 512MB.

The Prada 3.0 boasts one of the brightest displays for a smartphone with its 4.3-inch 800×480 resolution NOVA display pushing a brightness of 800 nits, which is 100 nits brighter than the LG Optimus Black. The better brightness capability should provide improved outdoor visibility during bright sunny days.

At the back, the Prada 3.0 features an 8MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video, there’s also a 1.3MP camera forward-facing camera (no word on if it can do 720p videos). Other specs include dual-speakers, 8GB on board memory, micro SD memory expansion, 1,540mAh battery and NFC.

The Prada 3.0 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread that has been given the Prada designer treatment with a custom monochrome UI, at the moment there’s no word on whether the device will be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

In terms of pricing, we’re predicting the LG Prada 3.0 to retail for around RM1,700, no more than RM1,800. Ideally, the Prada 3.0 should be priced lower than RM1,800 considering that faster dual-core Android devices are around that price range. We’ll concede that LG might want to put a premium on the designer brand but realistically, not many will perceive design as a main selling point.


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