Malata 2012 / 2013 Roadmap

Chinese manufacturer Malata is relatively unknown in the tablet universe, as it hasn't been in the spotlight since showing off its SMB-A1011 back in 2010. Now, the outfit's quietly unveiled a roadmap that's got more than a handful of noteworthy slabs in sight. The company plans on launching a variety of Tegra 3-packing slates dubbed SMB-B1023, including a 7, 9.7 and 10.1-inch version, all of which are said to be sporting ICS. Furthermore, Malata plans to rollout port-heavy variants of the aforementioned that'll be rocking USB, mini-USB and card reader ports, though these won't be tasting any Ice Cream Sandwich. While tabs are obviously the main focus, the company's also planning to bring along a 5-inch handset blessed with Gingerbread to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Note or that shiny new LG Optimus Vu. Let's hope Malata makes a MWC appearance so we can give some of these our full hands-on treatment.


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