Motorola fans in Singapore will have something special to celebrate this Valentine’s Day as white version of the Motorola RAZR is expected to hit stores this February 14. Aside from the colour, the white RAZR is identical to the black RAZR featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with 960×540 pixel resolution, 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear camera with 1080p video and a 1.3MP front camera with 720p video.

The trademark Kevlar back plate remains in its natural black and dark grey colour which is something some people like and others don’t. Apart from the white version, the RAZR also comes in a rather attractive purple hue as well but we doubt that that version will be coming to these parts.

With the white version of the RAZR available in Singapore very soon will Malaysians have the prospect to purchase one here? We don’t have a definitive answer but the RAZR has been enjoying brisk sales in Malaysia and it is probably one of the more successful Motorola models in the country. Add to that the fact that white gadgets are always popular amongst consumers nowadays and you have a recipe for another market success in the form of the white Motorola RAZR. We see it that way, the question is does Motorola Malaysia share the same view. If they do, then you can expect the white RAZR to be here soon. If they don’t, then we’re all stuck with black.


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