Earlier today, the national car maker Proton and wireless Internet service provider Yes have officially announced their partnership in which will see Yes mobile connectivity as a standard feature in future Proton models starting with the upcoming Proton P3-21A sedan. In addition to that, they have also taken the cover off the mysterious car that has been on display in Bukit Bintang for the past week or so which turned out to be a special edition Proton Inspira that is made specially to celebrate the collaboration.

Dubbed as Malaysia’s first 4G Internet car, the one-off car is equipped with three Apple iPad 2 and a Yes 4G Huddle wireless hotspot as well as a number of cosmetic enhancement such as exclusive paint job, body skirting, twin exhaust pipes and 18-inch sports rims. The Proton Inspira 4G - as we like to call it - together with all the gadgets and enhancements that have been fitted into it will be given away in a Facebook contest that begins today and will last till 27 March 2012.

According to an insider’s tip, future Proton vehicles that are equipped with Yes mobile connectivity will most probably come with its own Yes ID and certain amount of data for the owner to utilize. Apart from information above, Proton and Yes didn’t actually reveal much on how the feature will be rolled out to consumers although they do aim to provide future owners with smart applications such as remote real-time vehicle diagnostics, security and location-based services.



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