As he mentioned during an interview last October, Andy Rubin’s dream is to see Android on every screen. A couple of years ago, that might have seemed like something impossible, but we are getting very close to such a world. With Samsung being one of the biggest players in Android, we are not surprised to see that they might be working on an Android camera.

Samsung has filed a trademark for a device called the “Samsung Galaxy Camera” via the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). As always, we do not yet know if this is for a device, a service, an app, or if it will even become anything at all (We have seen multiple companies file for trademarks they’ve never used).

We have seen Polaroid make an attempt at a standalone Android camera as well. Granted, the device we saw at CES was not the best device in the world, but after speaking to Executive Vice President and COO Emanuel Vorona, he assured me that Polaroid’s commitment to Android is strong. He even mentioned that the final product would be much better than what we saw at CES, and he just rushed those so we could have something to see at the show.

We still do not know to what extent Samsung would take the Android OS into a camera. The Polaroid Android camera was essentially a camera with a phone in it (as opposed to a phone with a camera). It makes us wonder what Samsung’s possible product could be like. Will it also have phone capabilities? Would it work as a WiFi-only device? Will it even have the full capabilities of the operating system, or will it be limited to better fit its purpose?

These, among with other factors will have to be considered by Samsung. We sure hope that they can find a good balance and make a great device. And if Polaroid steps up its game well enough, we might be seeing great Android cameras in the near future.

Being able to edit your pictures with apps, directly from your camera, would be really fun. Not only that, but one could also easily share images through social networks, or upload them to the cloud without needing to connect it to a computer.


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