Text Game

Questions about texting a girl come up time and time again when I’m training guys. I used to be the worst possible texter, with most of my numbers flaking. Now my text game is very solid; it doesn’t ever let me down. Text game is actually pretty simple, and if you follow my rules for texting you should notice a big difference right away. If you don’t want that prized number to turn into a flake, pay attention:

✓✓ Use only one question mark per message.
✓✓ Your messages, unless scripted, should be shorter than hers.
✓✓ Use a “fire-and-forget” put the phone down, and go do something else.
✓✓ If she texts you back, take your time before responding.
✓✓ When you write a message, leave it as a draft for ten minutes.
✓✓ If she asks a question (like “How’s it going?”)don’t answer it.
✓✓ If she asks multiple questions, don’t answer them all.
✓✓ The best time to send a text message is when you’re busy or on your way somewhere.
✓✓ Don’t use xoxo’s or smiley faces . . . ever! Even if she does.
✓✓ Never send two texts in a row within forty-eight hours without a response.
✓✓ If she doesn’t reply, wait at least five days before trying again.
✓✓ Don’t try to arrange the date on the first text; this is usually instant death!

Phone Game

Some guys prefer getting on the phone. My friend and longtime wingman Anthony P. is one of those. But it’s a lot tougher to talk to someone when you aren’t face-to-face, so when you get her number, it needs to be as solid as possible. If you call after a number close and she answers enthusiastically—it’s on. With a couple of minutes’ chat, you can probably set up a date pretty easily. If you call and she’s a bit cold or noncommittal—“Who? Oh yeah . . . I remember. . . umm . . . hi”—try to be as interesting as possible.


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