As the tech continue to involve,

From the year of the BLACK AND WHITE, where how can we forget the Nokia 3310 which is the first phone that has astonished all the user from all around the world INCLUDING ME WITH, with its black and white interface. Which I would stare for hours looking and playing snakes games on it. And yeah, will be racing on points with my other schoolmates, that obviously I would actually sucked and get the lowest point by playing EXTRA SLOW.

To the year, of COLOURS devices where I upgraded to my second phone which is the Nokia N82, which has astonished colour on its screen display, and camera. That was the year, I targeted to impressed all the hot chicks with my sexy slick phone that can capture image and video with high quality and store it in my phone.
"Come to think of it, no chicks is attracted to me then" - FAILURE - ^^'

To the evolution of touch screen devices, which is the Samsung Galaxy S2 (my third phone) with its hot super Amoled screen that would make me DROOL ! just looking at the high quality output display, and YEAH ! this time I manage to IMPRESS my mates and a couple of girls i'm into when i first got em, but deep my heart i'll be saying

"SH@# I'm broke ! RM2199 for a FREAKING PHONE.. WHAT WAS I THINKING !"

Who wouldn't ! as a student, that would be the year i'll eat MEGGIE TOM YAM each day just to cover up my expenses.

AND FINALLY THE YEAR OF THE 3D ERA, with the NEW 3D LG OPTIMUS device. That has the capability to display 3D image with its 3D LCD capacitive touch screen, that WOULD BE

"LEGEND.... WAIT FOR IT ! ....DARY !" Quoted (barney stinson, how i meet your mother)

Come to think of it, by having the LG Optimus 3D for FREE would make my 3D WORLD be even more:

1st - 3D'ish - YEAH ! Thats the word for it.. watching, taking video and picture on 3D is the new me beybeyh ! snipping and keeping memories on 3D quality, and play it back would be much more memorable, AND LIFE LIKE ! FEEL LIKE I'M UP CLOSE AND TOUCHING IT THEN ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I CAN IMAGINE IT NOW !

2nd - FREE - NO MORE MEGGIE DIET FOR ME, just pray and hope i get the chance to get em HOPE ! AND HOPE ! AND HOPE !




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