While Samsung might choose not to have their traditional flashy press conference at Mobile World Congress this year, Microsoft on another hand will be unveiling the Windows 8 Consumer Preview around the same time as the annual mobile convention. This has been confirmed by the invite (as shown above) that the Redmond giant has sent to media members all over the world recently.

MWC is indeed an unusual choice since Microsoft is not really known to show anything beyond Windows Phone at the event but this definitely coincide with what the company have been saying repeatedly for the past few months including at the recent CES 2012 that the Windows 8 beta will be available to consumers at the end of this month.

Not to forget, Windows 8 is also built from ground up to work with tablets – hence, the touch-heavy Metro-based user interface and support for ARM-based processors – so MWC is not a bad choice after all. We are not going to lie to you; we also expect to see new Windows 8-based tablets by OEMs to be unveiled over there as well.


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