This is one Apple rumor which I hope never sees the light of day. According to the guys over at SemiAccurate (A sign of things to come?), Apple has ditched NVIDIA's next-generation Kepler graphics chip from a "large number" of upcoming laptops. Apparently, Apple will be going instead with the Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs with integrated graphics that offers a higher number of shader counts, which should make up the difference, the key word here of course being SHOULD.

The reason for this change? Apparently, they can't make enough Kepler chips.

"Nvidia can’t supply, so Apple threw them out on their proverbial magical experience. This doesn’t mean Nvidia is completely out at Apple, the Intel GPUs are too awful to satisfy the higher end laptops, so there will need to be something in those. What that something is, we don’t definitively know yet, but the possibilities are vanishingly small."



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