This week in Paris, Archos unveiled a new line of ultra-thin Android tablets that looks to take on the ASUS Transformer Prime. The technical details are still scarce, but the new Archos G10 xs tablets will measure in at only 7.6 mm thin, which becomes an impressive 11 mm thin when paired with a matching keyboard dock.

Hubert Nguyen of UberGizmo reports that Archos will use “paper-thin” steel to ensure the rigidity of the frame.

Recent Archos tablets have favored Texas Instruments’ OMAP processors, and I expect these latest devices to do the same. The G10 xs series could be some of the first tablets to go with the new 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 that is coming soon.

Archos said the tablets would be available later this year, but they didn’t provide a specific launch window. They have traditionally displayed new products at IFA in Berlin, so we could get more details in early September. However, European pricing was announced so maybe we are closer to retail availability than we think.

Pricing for the new Archos G10 xs series includes:

  • 7 inch for 129 Euros (~$168)
  • 8 inch for 149 Euros (~$194)
  • 10 inch for 199 Euros (~$259)

Amazon and other OEMs have proved that cheap Android tablets sell better than the high-end units, so it’s nice to see Archos stick with the low price points. Archos released cheap Android tablets in years past, but they lacked Google’s official Android apps and did not sell very well outside of Europe.

These new tablets are said to have access to all of Google’s mobile services, including the Google Play Store, so we expect them to perform better than previous generations.

Check out the teaser video below and let us know what you think about the new Archos G10 xs design.


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