Looking through the US Trademarks and Patents website is often a good way to confirm rumored device names and company initiatives. If you've followed us for a while then you know that Samsung has long been one of the companies who loves to file trademarks for names on a regular basis. It makes sense when you think about it as they seem to announce a new smartphone, tablet, or media player on a rapid clip.

I noticed a couple of sites referencing some recent Samsung Galaxy trademark applications so I thought I'd poke around a bit. What I found were a handful of items that all sound like they could the next big smartphone or tablet. Some are only days old while others have been around a few months. It's not clear whether or not these will see the light of day anytime soon, but it's fun to guess anyways. It's also possible that I simply missed coverage of one of these elsewhere.

Galaxy Emerge - March 2, 2012
Galaxy Stellar - March 2, 2012
Galaxy Halo - March 2, 2012
Galaxy Sleek - January 24, 2012
Galaxy TXT - February 27, 2012
Galaxy 10.1 Buddy - January 12, 2012
Galaxy Rite - February 16, 2012
Galaxy Heir - February 16, 2012
Galaxy Awaken - February 16, 2012
Galaxy Axiom - February 16, 2012



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