We have a pair of HTC’s upcoming One devices caught on video. The first is an unboxing of the HTC One X and where normally I tend to pass on unboxings, I seem to be eating up any bit on info/leaks on the One X I can get. This phone has consumed me. Just as a warning, the video comes from a French site, so unless you took French instead of Spanish in high-school, you’re probably not going to understand very much. Don’t worry, the HTC One X in all of its elegance speaks for itself.

Next up is the HTC One V, which will be headed our way on Virgin Mobile and additional regional (possibly even national) carriers. While most Android fanboys would as soon spit on a 1GHz device as look at one, the One V definitely hold it’s own in the world of “budget” devices. This could be the one entry level device to rule them all (pun intended). When Phandroid traveled to Spain for MWC a few weeks back, HTC didn’t exactly have a working model of the One V so it’s nice to be able to get a glimpse of what we can expect. Even in this blurry cam video.

Remember, not every Android user is using the highest-end phone and most likely your less tech-savvy friends and family will be opting for entry level devices once their contract is up.


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