HTC One X hands-on review

The HTC One X is HTC’s range topping model from the HTC One series. Powered by a 1.5GHz Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, this is the first quad-core Android smart phone to hit the market and at an attractive price tag of RM2,099.

Looking at the device at the first time, the white HTC One X appears to be cheap with its plastic looking body. However just like the Nokia Lumia 800 / N9, the HTC One X is made out of polycarbonate which gives it a nice feel in the hands. There are no visible screws and the only visible slots are micro-USB at the sides and the microSIM tray at the top. Unfortunately the 1,800mAh battery is non-removable and there’s no expansion microSD slot.

As demonstrated earlier, the HTC One X’s 8MP camera is amazingly quick. It is capable of shooting at 4FPS up to a total of 99 photos continuously.

Overall, the HTC One X is an amazing device not just because of its cutting edge hardware but how the hardware is so completely and seamlessly integrated with the Android OS. The skin is very much improved with HTC Sense and we like the little touches that it bring.



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