You know how iPhone plans from telcos always comes with call minutes, SMS and data, and frankly speaking, you don’t need all of those stuffs they bundle in? Well, stop paying for what you don’t use (do anybody still send SMS?) because Maxis has recently added a whole bunch of new iPhone 4S plans so it doesn’t matter if you’re a Budget Conscious, a Heavy Surfer or even an existing Maxis user, there is something to suit your needs.

First up would be the new plans for the Budget Conscious. You can now sign up for an iPhone 4S under Maxis’ Value Plus Internet 50 plan at RM50 a month or a supplementary line – Value Plus Internet Supp 30 at RM30/month. A 24 months contract under Value Plus Internet 50 can get you an iPhone 4S from as low as RM1,950. Alternatively, if you’re a heavy surfer that requires more data than you do for minutes and SMS, the Internet Value plans would be your choice – Internet Value 50 and Internet Value 75. Get up to 3.5GB of data per month and the iPhone 4S can be yours from as low as RM1,990. Finally for current Maxis customers who wish to upgrade to an iPhone 4S, you can sign up for Mobile Internet 1GB or Mobile Internet 3GB on top of your existing plan and enjoy the phone from as low as RM1,750. Check out the different rates below.

Of course, as with all Maxis plans, do note that if you exceed the monthly data cap, you’ll be charged for extra usage at RM0.30/MB so watch your usage and always subscribe for additional Mobile Internet Passes so you don’t get charged at an exorbitant price.

Visit Maxis now to find out more.


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