New iPad 4G tear down treatment

The new iPad 3rd generation goes on sale today and has already gotten a tear down treatment by iFixit. One of them flew all the way to Melbourne and was the first in line to purchase it for the sake of dismantling.

They have gotten the 4G + WiFi version but unfortunately it doesn’t work on Telstra’s 4G Network. The 4G LTE support on the new iPad is limited to 700MHz and 2100MHz frequency but Telstra’s LTE network runs at 1800MHz. Despite that, it should be faster than normal 3G as it supports HSPA+ up to 42Mbps on telcos that support DC-HSPA. On the tear down process, the LCD and the huge new battery was reported to be easy to dismantle. However the front panel like the previous iPad 2 is still fused with the device, making it a challenge to remove.

Head after the break for step by step disassembly or head straight to iFixit.


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