Wish to get a quad-core tablet with the best Google experience for only USD$199? Android and Me recently posted that their reliable sources told them that Google will be making a Nexus tablet device and will be partnering up with, wait for it, Asus! The device will measure at 7” and will carry a price tag of only USD$199, now we’re talking.

The story goes on to say that consumers want cheap tablets (duh!) like the USD$199 Kindle Fire which has shipped about 5 million units in Q4. Impressed by Asus’ MeMo 370T tablet that runs on a quad-core Tegra 3 processor which was unveiled at the last CES, Google approached Asus and asked if they would like to partner up and lower the price.

However, in order to achieve that price point, Android and Me also said that Asus and Google might have to reduce the internal storage and rely on the upcoming Google Drive to store contents. There are also talks about a 10” device with a target price point of USD$299.


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