An anonymous Samsung executive has revealed a bit of news about the upcoming Galaxy S III’s Exynos chip. It comes as no surprise that the Korean manufacturer is using its own chipset for the flagship device. It has for past iterations, and this is what we were expecting. But LTE fans that demand Exynos will be happy to see a reaffirmation that it is gaining LTE-capabilities.

This is a major issue, especially in the US. People have grown fond of the Exynos processors’ performance. But Samsung has seen the need to use Qualcomm processors in order for their devices to play well with the LTE networks. If this rumor proves to be right, we will soon have both specs on board.

The new chipset is said to be a 32 nm silicon A9 quad-core processor, meaning that rumors of it being the Exynos 4412 are probably correct. This would make sense, since it was also reported to be LTE-friendly.

It seems development is now complete, and they just need to be put in those super phones. We still have no idea when the device will be released, but if all the rumors were not enough to make you happy, this might be: We should also start seeing Tegra 3 chips coming out with LTE-support soon. So it;s looking like processor competition will get fierce in the coming months.


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