Wireless charging isn’t anything new for Android, but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III may be the first device to include the feature right out of the box. DDaily is reporting that Samsung is working on its own patented wireless charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which uses a magnetic induction wireless charging system that is able to charge the device even when it is 1-2 meters away from the charging station.

While many Android OEMs and major accessory makers have shown support for the Qi wireless charging standard, Samsung’s move towards their own system may actually be a good thing for the future of wireless charging since Samsung’s technology allows for multiple devices to charge simultaneously without the need to be placed directly on the charging station.

According to the report, Samsung still has not decided if the wireless charging station will be included with every purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S III. We’re not sure how much Samsung would charge for its proprietary charging station, but we can’t imagine it would be any more expensive than the Touch Stone wireless charging kit for the Palm Pre which was originally priced at $70.

We don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy S III rumors to die down any time soon, but built-in wireless charging certainly seems doable in this day and age.


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