Some things on the Internet simply cannot be logically explained. Like this photo shoot from a LiveJournal blog by Russian user strenger.

According to the Google Translate, which I often doubt the accuracy of, strenger was called to a friends one evening to document some sort of dinner preparation when things took a turn for the interesting. Apparently, the woman found torturing the Galaxy Nexus in the photo shoot is doing so because she had a fight with her significant other. And he’s the one who bought her the phone.

The pictures really speak for themselves. The Galaxy Nexus was fried, used as a cutting board, drenched in raw eggs, covered in ketchup, used as a sponge to do dishes, thrown in a blender and dumped into a pot of boiling hot water. After all that, the phone supposedly still works. Yeah, sure.

I’m not quite sure if this is some sort of odd marketing campaign, or just one man’s freakish fetish finally coming to fruition. It’s almost disturbing in a weird way. But I’m sure there’s some sort of message to get out of the whole thing. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.



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